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PRRO Launches Allied Member Program

Road races with prize money but limited budgets can now afford to join the fight for a clean sport

BETHESDA, MD - (November 15, 2019) - The Professional Road Running Organization (PRRO), organizer of the PRRO Circuit, has launched a new and innovative Allied Member program designed to include smaller prize money races in a pre-competition drug testing pool at an affordable price. PRRO, established in 1995, sees the affiliate program as a major step in broadening its Clean Sport Initiative by addressing the problem of drug cheats competing in smaller prize money races without testing. Since 2006, the PRRO Circuit has self-funded drug testing of the top finishers at its events, including both pre-competition and day-of-race testing.

"We are proud to introduce our Allied Member program that provides an affordable, collective way for prize money road races with limited budgets to join the fight for a clean sport," said Don Kardong, PRRO President. "As an Allied Member, an event will be included in a pre-competition drug testing pool to demonstrate to top runners that it not only supports clean sport, but has also invested in a clean sport."

The PRRO Allied Member fee is $500 per year for an event with fewer than 3,000 runners and $1000 for an event with more than 3,000 (including all events on race weekend). These funds will be used to help fund increased testing by Clearidium, an IAAF certified drug testing company.

The Allied Member program is supported by a grant from MarathonGuide.com.

For more details about PRRO's Allied Member program click HERE or contact PRRO President Don Kardong at: donkardong@bloomsdayrun.org

PRRO is an alliance of race directors who together organize and promote the PRRO Circuit, a nationwide series of premier non-marathon road racing events, including both Open and U.S.-only races that offer significant prize purses.

The PRRO Circuit has funded drug testing at its events since 2006. During the 2018-19 season, more than 50 in-competition tests and an undisclosed number of pre-competition tests were conducted. The 2019-20 season will have a similar number of tests done by Clearidium.

Visit PRRO.org for more information on its Allied Member program as well as the PRRO Circuit's history and how to join the PRRO Circuit.

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